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Welcome to Fun Dive Asia

Fun Dive Asia started operations in 2002 and is the first dive shop in Donsol.  We started the diving in the Bicol region with our founder, Rico A. Calleja, having been the lead of the team that found Manta Bowl. It has always been Rico’s advocacy to put Bicol on the diving map of the world. With keen research, interviews with the locals, and studying the NAMRIA ocean maps, Rico and the team was successful in discovering the infamous  Manta Bowl of Ticao.

Discovery, learning, and the advocacy to create change is part of us. We did not stop at the Manta Bowl. This is what we do:

  • Continue to discover sites around Ticao Island
  • Host and support researches with organizations like the University of Tel Aviv and with LAMAVE (Large Marine Vertebrates)
  • Work and coordinate with the Local Government Units to push for the protection of the reefs.
  • Develop individuals with continues training and development. We believe in diving as an excellent source of employment and income for the people of the island. And we have developed programs which have been supported by the Department of Tourism for the training of locals into dive boat guides, local guides, and dive spotters.

Today, Fun Dive Asia has operations in 2 locations – its main dive shop in Donsol and another on Ticao Island Resort as the dive service operator.

The Team

We believe in …

  • Continuous development
  • Safety in mind,
  • Superior quality
  • Filipino care and hospitality

… and it is important for us that each member of the team believes in this.

More importantly, we are a family. We are team who has worked with each other for many years and as the team grows, we hope that this sense of family is inculcated into everyone.

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